Stefania Spampinato Information

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Stefania Spampinato was born on July 17, 1982 in Catania, Sicily, and grew up in a small town at the base of the Etna Volcano called Belpasso.

She started dancing at 6 years old. Her passion for the arts at a young age was undeniable so her mother started making her dance costumes so she could afford her daughter’s tuition. After graduating high school with honors, she moved to Milan where she got a BA in performing arts. This lead to a very successful career in dance & theatre that lasted over 10 years traveling all over to locations like Paris, Tokyo, Shanghai, Mumbai, Berlin and included collaborations with Joaquin Cortez, Kylie Minogue, Leona Lewis, The Voice UK and X Factor US & UK.

In 2011 she bought a one way ticket to Los Angeles. She is a current member of Open Fist Theatre, and she appeared on Satisfaction (USA Network), Mère et Fille (Disney France).

In her spare time she loves to read, travel, practice Taekwondo, and spend time with her “famiglia”in Sicily.